Park Process

The site was originally a quarry which was then filled in with recycled material and crushed rubble. A difficult site to create these extraordinary water features and river systems there are today.

The soil extremely high in clay content making the excavation work tricky. Clay soil has high-water absorption quality in winter and tendency to be rock hard in summer.

The illusion of a naturally occurring stream has been created through skilful manipulation of the existing topography and artful creation of a closed system of running streams.

Reusing borehole water in a constant cycle from top to bottom of slope. Eventually, as the riparian zone grows and develops, the park will require very little irrigation; as the evaporation and condensation due to the large waterbodies and running water will keep the surrounding vegetation cooler and more water-wise. The design approach was to look at the psychology of the space with a larger picture overview of what we wanted to create and celebrate. A natural and co-ordinated use of public facilities which blends seamlessly with the beauty of the surrounding environment.

Exterior designers are humancentric in approach and consider the needs of the residents as well as the desire to create natural habitats for bird, insects and aquatic life.

A consequence of this kind of approach is an increase in the perceived value of the homes and neighbourhoods directly adjacent to the park and to the development. Nooitgedacht Village has recently been recognised for the lifestyle approach it embodies with an award as South Africa’s best mixed-use property development, 2019. We believe and have reiterated this to the Client – that there is enormous value in developing a public landscape space in this ‘bespoke’ manner.

If more Developers focused on enhancing the natural beauty and aspects of a site they would reap the rewards a hundred-fold as the houses will sell like hot cakes once potential homeowners can see the real aesthetic value in a space. In our opinion, Nature sells far more plots than perfect finishes inside a house…

Style Council are masters at habitat creation. Have a look at these constructed rock waterfalls and river stream. This was the first section of the eco park completed:

You can see more here at the Nooitgedaght Village website, including progress report interviews with Quentin.

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