A wonderful open day with residents of Nooitgedaght Village Estate. Quentin Owen of Style Council Exterior Designers introduces the eco park ethos and ideas for neighbours to interact in the space. River streams and wetland ponds, waterfalls for children to play in and for all to experience the sights and sounds of nature.. Nooitgedaght forms part of the Stellenbosch Biosphere Reserve, property developer Werner Wurth bought into Quentins vision for an eco park. Phase 1 is now complete.
Quentin describes here his vision for Nooitgedaght Eco Park.
 I believe this will become an iconic space, something that other estates and villages would be proud to represent in their own spaces. A very green upgrade, were talking about replicating nature in such a way that this will become a haven for wildlife for plants, the flora and fauna here will be protected, This will become a nursery for wetland and riparian plants and creatures and hopefully this will become the benchmark for future villages and estates and the trend for how the South African culture is heading towards an integration of architecture with nature.

Something we can all be proud of, Thank you” Quentin Mostyn Owen”

Quentin Owen of meets with client and team exterior design council members, Brett of Room to Grow and Vikki of Verdigris Consulting. This is what a site meeting looks like. This quarry was transformed in  years by the team.
This river stream constructed by the Style Council /Artistic Rock team is magnificently beautiful , it looks completely natural doesnt it?  Nooitgedaght Eco Village, where this feature was constructed won an international Gold Award as South Africa’s best mixed use property development. Natural Landscaping and habitat creation are central to Style Councils designs, we believe this is the future of landscaping…
Here is a video sent to us from a happy customer. Style Council created a wetland pond with waterfalls and constructed rock features. Have a look and listen to his delightful appreciation.
Set against the backdrop of Table Mountain, this wetland nature pond brings peace and tranquility to the home. A waterfall oxygenates the water for the koi fish; birds, bees and dragon flies , what has been created here is a natural habitat, absolute paradise.
Artistic Rock Creations forms part of Style Council,  a company based in Cape Town South Africa that specializes in rock replication, natural swimming pools, ponds, features, caves, waterfalls, river streams – Heres how you bring NATURE back to your garden
Set Designed by Style Council, Constructed by Artistic Rock Creations.
This is a film shoot for the alcoholic beverage “Vawter”
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