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Set against the backdrop of Table Mountain, this nature pond brings peace and tranquility to the home. A waterfall oxygenates the water for the koi fish; birds, bees and dragon flies find thier home -a natural habitat. Call 021 468 6724 Integrating Architecture and Nature – ( nature zones in residential areas for wildlife migration)

Here is an engineered river stream created by Artistic Rock Creations and designed, managed and completed by Style Council. This upmarket garden in Cape Town was featured in Top Billing magazine. The constructed rock river retained the mountain embankment and circulates water through a reticulated system into a koi pond. This is a paradise for birds and butterflys, a rich biodiverse garden landscape.- Bring NATURE back to your garden.021 4686724 /083 6001869

Rock Replication, Natural Swimming Pools, Ponds, Features, Caves, waterfalls, River streams – Bring NATURE back to your garden.

Style Council in conjunction with Artistic Rocke Creations designed, managed and built the set on the VAWTER commercial in a municipal swimming pool. The results were fantastic. Here is a video of the finnished product.

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