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Quentin grew up on a farm, close to the city of Cape Town. Living with an abundance of fresh produce he recognised the beauty and economy of nature..Learning Garden Culture :

In the late 90′s he lived in Italy and had the privilege of working with high profile clients in luxurious settings. Quentin was drawn back to African soil in 2000 after having learnt fluent Italian and the romance of Italian art, architecture and style. He is inspired by quality artistic workmanship, designed and built for a lifetime.

It was only after his years of work and travel in Europe, that he was able to understand the importance of timeless design, along with the role of diversity.

Quentin encourages home owners to consider the role of biodiversity and facilitate, by planting nature corridors in their garden.

Living on the Farm :

The vegetables went a long way in creating bonds between workers and neighbours. Quentin aspires to this culture of collaboration and encourages friends to do the same. Feed your family, neighbours and friends with home grown produce.  Provide equally for the bird, animal and insect life supporting the greater eco-system. 

Life in the Garden :

In his garden, Quentin allows nature to unfold. The food forest style garden on his property has naturally evolved from an alien infested space to a rich biodiverse landscape. The beauty of his garden is one of surprise, new indigenous plants, even ericas have taken root. Eagles and Owls find sanctuary on the land, there are 3 busy bee hives, and many bird species are abundant. The garden feels rich with oxygen and life. It is peaceful, and each season provides new gifts: Berries, fruit, nuts, herbs, veg and lots of honey.

Natural Landscaping :

Quentin applies his knowledge of natural landscaping in his environment and will gladly assist you to do the same. Bee keeping, tilapia fish, mushroom growing, hot houses and how to purify river systems. This man is a hive of useful information. Take a seat by the fire then pop a bottle of chianti and he will talk for hours.