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Management & Completion of your Special Outdoor Space

The Style Council Team have been providing a high-end service for over 30 years in South Africa and Europe.

Some homeowners want to act as general contractors for their landscaping projects in order to save money.Unfortunately, this choice can lead to some real problems.

Trade terminologies, scheduling and coordination, unique peculiarities due to selection of materials, installation techniques, material choice, availability and construction or engineering methods are but a few of the snags

A subcontractor will respond well to a seasoned general contractor who understands the work to be performed and with whom they have a good relationship, based on past experience. The best landscape design companies in Cape Town have many years of experience in managing these teams.

In our scope and experience we have successfully completed more than 1000 custom outdoor projects

We are specialists in Natural landscaping systems and Water related features.

We manage the site and contractors, while maintaining artistic + engineering integrity.

Quentin Owen on site Consultation, Design management.


Let us add value to your property and bring beauty to your life!